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Preston Hollow House Dallas, Tx


The Preston Hollow House is currently under construction in Dallas, TX. 

Renderings: Frost Visualizations

A large, floating pavilion roof hovers over the interior and exterior rooms of our Preston Hollow house (expected completion in mid-2018). This design was driven by the client’s desire to blur the line between inside and outside, while also providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street. There are multiple courtyards defined by large, frameless sliding glass panels and rough corrugated concrete walls. The house is open and light-filled.

Water plays a large part in the design of the house, and also links the exterior and interior spaces. Beginning at the entry, a narrow channel flows through the house to the pool area beyond. At night, lighting within this stream casts changing patterns on the textured walls.

Preston Hollow, Living Area.

Preston Hollow, Interior Courtyard.

Preston Hollow, Backyard.

Preston Hollow, Aerial View.

Architect- Specht Architects    Landscape Design- David Hocker   Builder- Sebastian Construction

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