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What is an m-dc ?

Our logo , "m-dc" simply stands for "modern digital canvas".

When we began conceptualizing how our canvas prints could be easily understood, we came up with these 3 letters as a way to digitize and brand our products.

The boundries of aesthetic concepts like "art" and "design" can be a tricky business. Our m-dc's are designed to reveal maximum style and beauty. Conventional artist driven imagery is generally created relative to a personal subjective expression. M-dc's (while fullfiling the same existential role as a painted modern piece) are derived from a very different process, .... a pure design process.

We create imagery that fulfills the needs of specific kinds of interiors, styles and visual concepts. As where modern furniture is designed with a physical need in mind, the m-dc is designed only to complete the look of an aesthetic space. We strive to fulfill the need of the eye only.

Fine art tends to be limited to it's narrative or subjective concepts. M-dc canvases strive toward objective purity. Culled more from the transcendence found in expressionist or minimalist pieces, we are attempting to create imagery that speaks in a pure aesthetic language. We ruminate with color, coolness, shape and spatial relationships. What a piece says, is less important to us, than how it looks and feels.

Our hope is that, to some extent, we can help to democratize the art experience by offering modern canvases that are unto themselves real design objects. The integrity of the process in which they were created, reveals the powerful essence of the digital world where the copy is the original and vice versa.

In the end, we hope that the transcendent experience of beauty is transposed to you in a way that is real, affordable, well executed and carefully conceived.

David Diskin

creative director, m-dc