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Meet Our People

Meet the Mdc team, a dedicated group of young Americans who bring it, everyday,  to see that our beautiful canvases are made with style and quality. No successful endeavor can be acheived without a group of people who truly believe that their work is meaningful and the products they make are additive to the world in which we live.

For years we thought it was important to appear bigger than we were, feeling that this appearance might engender trust. But it dawned upon us, that there is greater strength in being small. By being small we can be more personal, and we can connect more directly to you, and you with us. We are team that takes on the challenge of large projects in the 1000's of pieces as well as a single canvas for your home or office. We are not a big faceless corporation, we are a group of people who care deeply about living up to the promise that each and every thing we make,  is of the highest possible quality. As James Brown said "we may be skinny, but we strong" and we are keeping it real (and funky), each and every day.