Empty Shell - Two

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We will donate $10 to the World Wildlife Fund for every canvas you order.

"The Empty Shells" series are paintings of taxidermy bodies of birds painted on discarded cardboard boxes.  They are intended as a playful contemplation on thoughts of the being viewed as a container for the spirit.  The birds themselves are collected by photographing them in museums and stores in and around the United Kingdom and are often in a state of despair and neglect.  Painted with a sense of love and loss, the canvas is as intrinsic to the meaning as the subject painted on them.

Rich McCoy, originally from the UK is a graphic and digital artist now living in Wellington, New Zealand. His quixotic sense of humor and humanity meld in a collection of creative work that both charm and enlighten us. “It would be fair to say I'm a creative thinker who refuses to be constrained by the traditional boundaries of the medium.” We exclusively reproduce Rich's work in the USA. Bring one home today.

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