Henry Hoare, "The Magnificent", of Stourhead

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Henry Hoare, "The Magnificent", of Stourhead

William Hoare (English, 1707 - 1792)

Through strict profile in the manner of ancient Roman coins, William Hoare captures the commanding personality and charisma of Henry Hoare II (1705 - 1785). Although not related, the artist was a personal friend and frequent guest of the sitter, which enabled him to perceptively portray Henry Hoare's character. Astute management of the family bank, C. Hoare & Co., financed Henry's extensive patronage of the arts, earning him the nickname "The Magnificent.'' Under his direction, the garden at Stourhead, his family home, was transformed into one of the earliest and finest examples of the English landscape garden.

Currently on view at: Getty Center Museum

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