The Second Sanctuary

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Rich developed "The Sanctuary" series with the intent of creating an accessible and half recognizable safe space, a meditative space.  A space of the natural that was inert and motionless. Free of drama, stimulation and the noises of the modern world.  When placed in dark contrast these miniature sculptures can leave us with a sense of awe and disbelief at how magnificent life is when we move past mundane preoccupations and into a sanctuary of the infinite.

Rich McCoy, originally from the UK is a graphic and digital artist now living in Wellington, New Zealand. His quixotic sense of humor and humanity meld in a collection of creative work that both charm and enlighten us. “It would be fair to say I'm a creative thinker who refuses to be constrained by the traditional boundaries of the medium.” We exclusively reproduce Rich's work in the USA. Bring one home today.

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